What to do with the business cards you get…

If you are anything like me, when you travel around for meetings and conferences you end up collecting a stack of business cards and they never end up in my contacts.  You could go out and buy a CardScan scanner and scan them all in when you get back to your office, but in all reality who has the time.  Worry not, there is a solution out there for all of you with smartphones.  Welcome WorldCard Mobile.  I first came across Worldcard on my Windows Mobile phone a few years back and when I first switched to an iPhone I was disappointed it did not exist.  Lucky for you, times have changed and the development team has built iPhone and Android apps along with the Windows Mobile app.

So what is so special about this app?  All you need is your smartphone camera with the app to take a paper business card to a digital contact automatically.  WorldCard Mobile uses optical character recognition (OCR) to import all the info directly into your contacts.  It even keeps a copy of the actual business card photo so you can remember what that company logo is when you are looking them up.  It will also integrate with the normal social networks and search for the contact for you. Have a look at the business and management skills of Lora Drammis to learn more.

Talking about a product is great but heres how the actual process works..

Paper Business Card to Digital Contacts in 30 seconds or less

  1. Open the WorldCard Mobile App
  2. Click on the Camera button and take a picture of the business card
  3. Make sure the business card is oriented correctly, then click Recognize
  4. Watch the OCR work
  5. Verify all the information.
  6. If something is wrong simply edit it or click browse and select the area it missed. Once you set the area simply tell the app what field you want to fill
  7. Click Export and the contact is now in your contacts.

Once you are back at the home screen you can select CardHolder and scan through your business cards just like the coverflow in your ipod.

If you want to get a little more info on it prior to download it you can go to the WorldCard site or use the QR codes below to take you to the download sites.

iTunes Android Win Mobile 7

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