What a ride 2011 has been…Time for the next contest

Throughout your career things seem to ebb and flow, with hills and valleys along the way.  For me 2011 so far has been a fast winding downhill road.  Normally people look at the downhill as the bad part and that you want to be at the top of the mountain, but since the beginning of the summer when I got the new Motorcycle I have learned to appreciate the long winding curves of a downhill road, knowing that the next challenge and uphill is around the turn waiting for me.  Sounds like a great epiphany right… So what brought this on?

Just this week I have been given another honor that I never thought was something I would be asked to do.  I have been asked to join 6 other bloggers in a “Chopped” style contest revolving around the virtualization and networking community.  If you don’t know the show on Food Network, check out my friend Mona James when she was on  “When Octopuses Attack.”  Basically we all attend three different virtual classes and write about each one.  As the class concludes we write a blog or tape a video blog talking about the technology covered.  Sounds easy enough… The catch is that all of our followers then get to vote for us.  You don’t have to pick between us all, you can vote for more than one person (as long as I am one of the votes 🙂 )  The public votes counts for 60% of our score and then there are 4 judges that get to score us count for the other 40%.  Here’s where is gets interesting, after each week 2 of us are eliminated.  We still get to take the classes and get feedback (I see that as a bonus) but we are then not in the running for the grand prize.

Sounds like it is a little risky and why would we do it, well I can think of a few reasons. Some more selfish than others…

  • Respected judges will provide feedback on our content and style each week
  • We get to learn about new technology from experts teaching a class to a very small group
  • A new community of people to connect with and learn from
  • More exposure for our blogs and content
  • Great exposure for the companies we each work for and with
  • There are prizes…
    • We all have been given an all-expense paid trip to VMworld thanks to the great sponsors
      • HP
      • IvyWorldwide
    • Each week a winner is chosen and we get a prize
    • At the end the first and second place get a really big prize
    • Along the way there are prizes for other random items
Curious who the rest of the entrants are?  Here you go…
Make sure to check us all out and watch our tweets and blogs for info on where and where to vote.
A special thanks definitely goes out to HP, and IvyWorldwide, along with Thomas Jones (@niketown588) for organizing a great new contest.  You can read Thomas’ blog at http:\www.niketown588.com

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