Want to buy that out-of-print book? HP preserves and shares some fo the great works of Literature.

HP released the latest of their cloud offerings today. What was a result of HP printing trying to figure out how to print more in an era of less paper.  HP Labs initially looked at a small project that digitized some old books.  The thought was that while a publisher will not print a single copy of a book with current digital presses and a collection of books, a printer can not print the single copy.  The move into the cloud was simply a way to support the project on a large scale.  Bookprep.com lets you search, find, preview rare, out-of-print and hard to find books on every topic imaginable.

A few of the books are already there as Staff picks and to show you how it looks I pulled some screenshots. Simply pick your book…

Next just click through the pages and read away..

There is one other great option is if you want it as an actual book, you can order a single copy.

While a great concept and something that I think will help preserve some of the great works of literature, I wish the files could be pulled offline.  More importantly I would like to just take it as full screen.  I am sure that is coming though…

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