VMworld Session Voting is Open

vmworld smallThe time has come again to beg and plead for votes to present at the annual VMware User Conference VMworld.  Each year thousand of people submit abstracts to speak with less than 200 sessions being available.  I have had the good fortune to speak at lots of VMware User Conferences and numerous other conferences but not VMworld so please take a few minutes and vote for my sessions.  Just go to VMworld.com and click on the link in the middle to vote for sessions.  You will need a VMworld.com account but those are free.  Then click the filer options and type “Letschin” into the keyword box.  Heres what you should see

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 3.50.43 PM


There are alot of other great sessions that it would be great if you could support also.  I am sure I will miss a few and I did leave off all the VMware people.  I wanted to give the little guy a chance 🙂


Just a few – either way get out and vote.  https://vmworld2013.activeevents.com/scheduler/publicVoting.do

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