VMware takes Cloud Contracts globally

globalVMware has made steps to make the public cloud a much more dynamic system. VMware Global Connect is a partnering agreement between vCloud DataCenter certified vendors that will allow a customer to use all of their services with a single contract. Adding vCloud Connector into the mix will allow a customer to migrate systems from a private cloud to a local vCloud Datacenter provider.  VMware now has 7 global providers approved as vCloud Datacenter providers.  The vCloud DataCenter certification means that a vendor has built a full datacenter using a specific architecture that has been approved by VMware.  The Global Connect agreements provide shared SLA and reporting that is managed by the local provider but guaranteed regardless of the physical datacenter that the systems reside in.

vCloud Connector has also been upgrade to the 1.5 version with the Global Connect release.  The 1.5 version provides aconnectordirect transfer between datacenters, whether it be in your private cloud or any of the vCloud Powered or vCloud Datacenter sites.  The transfers are done using a checkpoint method that allows for the transfer to restart if network latency or throughput becomes an issue.  This is a significant upgrade from the 1.0 version that required a staged copy of the virtual machine.  Additionally, vCloud Connector 1.5 adds integration directly into the vCenter Client as well as through the web console.

The combination of the two technologies will allow a VMware customer to migrate workload into a vCloud Director based environment with extreme ease.  With 7 full vCloud DataCenters and 41 current vCloud Powered datacenter providers customer can now truly utilize the cloud environment.


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