VMware Pushes ThinApps to the Web

Today VMware released the latest version of the Horizon App Manager Product. The goal of Horizon App Manager is to provide a seamless experience between domain end users and SAAS applications and now packaged enterprise applications. Horizon applications can be presented to the users in 2 ways:

Web Interface

Simply login to the website using your Active Directory credentials and you will be presented with all the enterprise applications that your administrator has entitled you to.

You will also notice an “Application Catalog” button on the screen.  The application catalog is a listing of all enterprise Thinapp packages or SASS apps that your user or group has been entitled to view.  You can simply select the application you want to use and it will be added to your main screen to use.  Applications can also be automatically presented to users or AD groups as the administrators desires.


ThinApp Agent

The Thinapp agent uses the same entitlements as the web interface but presents them seamlessly to a domain authenticated computer.  Using pass-through authentication and an agent which site in the task bar, Horizon will locally cache applications as they are assigned and installed to the user.  These applications are registered with the operating system for file associations, and icons are placed on the desktop or start menu as set during the packaging.

How do they do this?

Horizon utilizes an on/off premise solution to present not only SAAS applications like Salesforce and DropBox but also the Thinapp packages.  The on premise connector is a single virtual machine that handles all active directory communication as well as Thinapp repository scanning.  The connector then sends metadata tags to the securely hosted Horizon Servers to augment the company application catalog.

How does this help?

Horizon also offers a unique value proposition in trending usage and costs per application that has been published.  This gives an administrator the ability to make sure they not only own enough licenses but also to confirm you are not paying for too many licenses.  For SAAS applications you can also determine your month burn as a company.

Want to find out more or try it out in your environment?  Contact me at work at mletschin@convergencetech.us or check out HorizonManager.com


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