VMware comes around to supporting multiple vCenters

VMware released a new fling today Boomerang.  Boomerang allows for simple management of multiple ESX or vCenter servers simultaneously.  A great resource when you don’t have linked vcenters or are a consulting or engineer working in a large shop.  You can not have all your vcenters in one place with them even collapsing to a hyperlink when they get too big.  This is still Windows only though so no luck for the Mac and Linux guys.  This sounds great but where’s the catch… You can only do basic power operations so far.  If you want to get to vMotion, High Availability, storage configuration, host provisioning cloning, templates, monitoring, or alerts you need to go to vCenter direct.  The good news though is you can use the remote console.


  • Supports connecting to multiple ESX and VC servers simultaneously.
  • Allows you to save your credentials for easy login to servers.
  • Favorites pane enables easy browsing through multiple virtual machines on different servers.
  • Simple user interface gives you quick access to connecting to a virtual machine or issuing power operations.
  • Keyboard navigation allows you to type the name of the virtual machine you want to use or to use directional keys to navigate.
  • Servers with large numbers of virtual machines are automatically collapsed into hyperlinks, which you can click to view subsets of the inventory or the entire thing.
  • Configurable automatic update checking.

And now for the customary screenshots…Enjoy

After you install the Boomerang app it will be in your lask bar. Click on the Green Square with the yellow square inside of it. You will see the option to add a server. When you click add server you will see this screen. The credentials option will not show up until you have clicked connect and it has verified that you can get to the vCenter or ESX host.

Once you have added a vcenter you will have to click the icon again in the taskbar but this will show up. Keep in mind if you click anywhere else the screen will go away and go back to the taskbar.

When clicking on a guest VM you get the options below.

When you click connect you will get this message.

After you bypass the warning you will be asked for your credentials again.

Then approve the certificate

After you approve the certificate (or ignore in my case) you will get a console to your machine

Under VMware Remote Console you can send Ctrl-alt-delete, reset the machine or the standard power operations. The devices drop down allows you to add CD-roms and floppies.

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