VMware brings app delivery to the web

We live in an app-centric world now. If you use a smart phone you probably have spent time searching the app store for the latest new app. Then you go to work and open up Word or Excel or Outlook to get your work done. Users are less and less interested in the operating system and more on how well their app will work on it. With that in mind, VMware announced the tech preview of AppBlast.

AppBlast is designed to deliver any application to the user via any HTML5 supported browser. For users of Citrix XenApp this should sound rather familar. The difference being that no plugins or add ons are needed. With the expected integration into the Horizon family or products and some tie-ins to future versions of VMware View, AppBlast will provide cross-platform, single sign on capabilities for both Windows and SaaS applications. With more details still forthcoming this is sure to be one of the bigger releases from VMworld this year. Take a look at a few screenshots below from VMworld.
Screen 1
Screen 2

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