The network broke my application… or did it?

The issue is always the network…

For years systems and server administrators have relied on that old adage that the issues had nothing to do with the applications or the servers but it was almost always a network issue. While in many cases this was not the case it still remained the go-to statement and Kemp Technologies just launched a product to fight that statement. The launch of their Enhanced Network Telemetry combined with their tried and true Load Balancer enables an administrator to handle proactive application troubleshooting from end to end.

The center of the new solution is the launch of their Flowmon Netflow/IPFIX Exporter, long title but what it does is enable the Kemp LoadMaster solution to collect telemetry data on all the network traffic that flows through the system then export it to a dashboard to understand whats happening. The analysis and visualization means that the admin can now see whats going on instead of assuming it’s a network issue.

Kemp says they have added not only the NetFlow info but also some new network detection and response tools that can help any enterprise looking to secure their systems from zero-day threats through app performance.

Seems like a lot in a little package but Kemp also offered up a webinar to learn more so make sure to attend this one to learn a little more on April 22nd.

Note : This blog is sponsored by Kemp as part of their product release.

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