The contest starts tomorrow…VMworld Reality Show

This is a little longer post than normal with no pictures but bear with me and get to the end – it is important!

Tomorrow is the first of the three virtual classes for the VMworld Reality Show.  The first session is on Converged Storage.  I think it will be really interesting to see this class since as many of you know Storage has been an area I have worked in alot in the past, specifically around EMC and VDI solutions.

As you all are aware HP is one of the main sponsors for the VMworld Blogger Reality Show so you are probably wondering why when I have been pretty much EMC centric for a while why I would want to partake.  So here are my three top reasons to be in the reality show…

  1. You never know a product as well as you think you do unless you wrote the code, so learning about the concepts is key and learning about each competitor makes you even more prepared and a better technologist
  2. I have found you learn more from your colleagues often than you do from books and classes.  The selection of bloggers that will be posting on these topics is vast and knowledgeable and should each give some great insight.
  3. If you never get feedback on your writing and your content you will never become a better writer.  With the public eye and judges commenting I am hoping to learn more about how I can become a better blogger and in return a better technologist.
The third one is where you all come in, my followers on twitter or my blog and the friends and colleagues I have had over the years.  As you know this is a contest so we need to be able to judge each bloggers content and create a score.  40% of the judging is going to be done from the judges that were selected by Thomas before the contest started.  The other 60% however is a direct result so votes from followers of our twitter accounts.  Some of the bloggers have 200 followers while others have over 1300.  This means we each have to get a percentage of our followers to vote that they like our blog.  That does not mean you can not vote for the other blogs as well and to be honest I hope you do.  I think there will be some great content from this and hope you all find it as valuable as those of us in the contest do.  So how are you going to vote?  Simply click in the poll below and say you like my post.  The go retweet the post so others can view it as well.  We will get points for both voting and retweets.
Thanks in advance and remember the first post will probably be out on Wednesday…

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