My Journey from VCP4 to VCP5

Last week I took and passed the VMware Certified Professional 5 exam at the local Pearson Vue testing center in DC. As most of you know I have spent the last few years as a solutions engineer, pre-sales engineer, or architect depending on what you want to to call the positions. Since most of my time was spent in pre-sales and design work I was rather apprehensive about taking the VCP test. The test seems to be more geared towards the everyday admin than those of us who have been working with VMware since the GSX days. The great thing is there are lots of study guides and things designed to help people pass the exam. There are some great new things about this test. The biggest I believe is there was nothing on my exam and from talking to others it seems consistent that the minimums and maximums are no longer part of the test. I always thought that was a part that was not really needed. If I need to know the maximum number of virtual machines per LUN and host, I can just look them up. The test is much more situation based. If you want to get an idea of the question style, take a look at either of the question links below. Be forewarned though that unlike previous VMware exams, the braindumps are just for a gauge of questions. There was probably only 10-12 questions on my exam I recognized and there are 85 questions and I think all of those were from the official mock exam. I used a few great resources for studying and hopefully it will help a few of you out before the February 29th deadline to take the class again, or for those of you taking it the first time.

Study Guides


  • Official VCP5 Mock Exam – – This is a really good one to do over and over. Just make sure to always get 1 question wrong or you wont be able to take it again
  • – This is a braindump style site. It changes on a consistent basis and the newest dumps are the highest numbers.  These are not actually on the exam (in my experience)

The study guides are all great but make sure you really spend sometime in a lab working on the actual product. You can do just about everything on VMware Workstation with demo licenses.  If you are trying to cram I would spend the most time on the blueprints.  If you understand it then you should have a good chance with that and the time you spend working on a lab.

Good Luck to you all and I hope it helps…

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