HP Proactively goes after support for the SMB

I am onsite for the HP sponsored Generation 8 Tech Day in Houston, and the first presentation today is around the proactive support.

Presenter: Jeff Carlat, Worldwide Dir. of Marketing and Jerry Chin, Technical Director of Support Automation

The goal of the Gen 8 release was around reducing risk by minimizing manual errors, making administrators tasks more automated.  50% of all datacenter outages are a result of human error and the goal is to eliminate them.  Then next segment is to aid the channel partners in growing the small to medium businesses.  After some of the discussions yesterday this is refreshing.  Many of the talks were around the enterprise and larger IT shops, the components in proactive support are geared to spread from the smallest shop to the largest enterprise.  One of the largest changes is the Insight Online and Insight Remote Support solutions.

Insight Online: First cloud-based, personalized dashboard for monitoring device and support status.

Easy of Use

  • Proactively monitor and manage HP contracts and warranties
  • View and manage HP service credit balances
  • Instant, secure visibility to critical asset and support alerts
  • Create reports for proactive asset and support management
  • Enable your authorized service provider to monitor and support your infrastructure remotely


  • Display of 24X7 remote device monitoring of service events
  • Automated support case generation and status tracking
  • Automated device discovery and display in Insight Online for users of HP Insight Remote Support 7.0

Access Anytime, Anywhere

  • 24 X 7 monitoring with fast, secure and accurate remote support and service
  • On premise or off premise secure access
The Remote support solution is the ability for HP to monitor and manage your hardware for any faults and issues 24/7 as a remote service.  If there is a failure of equipment, then HP can send gear before the failure occurs.
The combination of Remote Insight and Insight Online publishing to the HP support center gives administrators a remote login to see their system and support maintenance along with current system events and warranties.  Currently you will need a HP CMS server that all servers send their data too, from there they will send the data via HTTPs to the Support Center.
One caveat that applies primarily to the federal marketplace is that the functionality does require internet access.  Sending data can not yet be done through a proxy that allows for system names and data to be scrubbed prior to sending.

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