Testing the MyVMware iOS App

VMware has released a mobile client for their newly released MyVMware page.  For years one fo the biggest issues with VMware has been the confusing licensing and user management.  With the release of MyVMware, many of these issues have been resolved.  One thing I will enjoy is the ability to grab a license key directly from my phone when I need it.  After working for a reseller and now a vendor, both big VMware partners, I often need to test software that it can be a pain to go grab a license key from the portal only to not be able to use cut and paste and have to type the key in.  Now I can open my app, grab a key and still type it in, but it is much quicker.  I took a few screenshots of the app and listed them below so you can get an idea what the app can do.

1. Start by logging in:












2. You then have to approve the EULA (Surprise!)












3. You will then see your profile











4. You now have to pick your folders (whatever ones you have created on the MyVMware website)











5. Once you go into the folder you can see the products under it.











6. The select the product and click next (you have to do that each time, that is kind of annoying) and you will see the license keys











Click on the power icon on the top to logout, or the gear to set your refresh and timeout time



How to get your upgraded vSphere 5 license keys

There seems to be some confusion from customers on how they get the new license keys for vSphere 5 if they have an existing support and subscription. If your support is current the upgrade should have been processed automatically in the VMware portal. The same process applies for any upgrades in the VMware system but I am just showing the vSphere hypervisor license as an example. To be able to complete this process you will need to be either Primary License Administrator (PLA) or Secondary License Administrator (SLA). If you need help adding a SLA to an account check out my other blog on “How to add a SLA to VMware.”

Without further ado and with actual keys redacted for protection, heres the process… Continue reading “How to get your upgraded vSphere 5 license keys”

How to add a Secondary License Admin for VMware

As the number of virtualization admins increases, one of the ongoing issues is how to make sure the correct people can see the correct licenses. When virtualization was young, often a single admin handle all the keys for a company, but those times have past so now many of my clients want to know how to add a second or third person to their license portal. Possible one for just your View licenses so the Help Desk Manager sees those keys but not the vSphere licenses, while your application developers need your vFabric keys but not the View keys. After walking through customers a few times I thought it would be easier to do one of my standard screenshot blogs to show how to add a second license admin. First a few terms you need to know:

  • PLA = Primary License Administrator, each contract only has one PLA. Remember you are just renewing Support and Subscription, your licenses are perpetual.
  • SLA = Secondary License Administrator, this can have multiples and is assigned by contract
  • SA = Support Administrator, this person cannot manipulate licenses but can file support claims for the contract specified. Continue reading “How to add a Secondary License Admin for VMware”

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