How to add Team Beach Body workout schedules to Google Calendar and iPhone

I started doing the Team Beachbody Combat program this past week thanks to Chris and Julie Colotti and their group Virtual Fitness.  Beach body uses their own program scheduler on the SuperGym site.  This is fine, but I did not want to have to go to that site everyday to look up which program I was supposed to be doing.  Currently there is no way to sync the calendar from SuperGym to your iphone via Google Calendar or even Outlook.  This was not going to work for me so I started doing some research and came up with a way to get the schedule on my iphone.  Hopefully it will help more of you also.  Heres the steps:

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Product Review: Ultimate Addons Waterproof Motorcycle Case and Mount for iPhone 4s

After picking up a bluetooth helmet for the Triumph, I decided it would be nice if I had a way to mount my phone and keep it charged.  As we know when using bluetooth and GPS the battery dies very quickly.  I wanted to use the iMoto App as well.   I had not had much luck finding a mount that would fit really well.  I did talk to the team at TELFERIZER.COM who were extrememly nice and gave me some great options.  I am not very patient and figured since I found this one on Amazon i would order it and if it sucked I could always return it.

The kit is reasonably priced compared to the options out there at $60 plus shipping.  I was a little disappointed it did not qualify for Prime shipping but I did find out it came from Great Britian. First off heres the link to the one I bought.Ultimate Addons Metal U-Bolt Motorcycle Bike Waterproof Tough Case Handlebar Mount for Apple iPhone 5
I chose to expedite the shipping, it seemed for an extra $10 the difference between 18-21 business days and 1-3 was worth it.  And it really was 1-3.  It shipped the day after I ordered it and I got it within 2 days of then.  Very efficient.  On tot he product.


  • Nice Waterproof case
  • Allows for the iphone to be plugged in while riding (more on this in the cons)
  • Mounts in place of one of the screws that hole the handlebars.  This was not very clear ont he amazon ad.  The pictures show the ram mount style but from the description I was concerned I would get a handlebar mount which loops around the circular bar.  That would not fit well on the Sprint ST.
  • Clear and touch sensitive front that does not seem to add glare to the screen
  • Seems to hold very securely.  I did stop and go traffic and over 80 mph and it did not budge.
  • It comes with a layard that I attached just as the extra level of security


  • To wire in the iPhone it is a hard mount with a very large switch.  I think i can hide the switch but it is not very convenient.
  • To run the included iphone cable into the case, I will have to put a slight cut into the rubber casing.  There is a whole but not large enough to fit the iphone adapter through.
  • It will not work if your phone has a case.  I just drop my case in my jacket pocket so this is not a downside for me.

Here are a few pics of it installed.

photo 4From the left showing the case and the mount near the handl

photo 2
Looking Down from the seat over the tank

photo 3
The weirdest angle but this is between the windshield and the handlebars

photo 1

The iMoto App after a quick ride

Review – Lync Mobile for iOS

If you work for a company that has decided to use either Office365 or an internal deployment of Microsoft Lync you have probably been waiting patiently for a mobile client. Even with external connectivity, there was the issue of connecting to a PC or dialing a long numeric code to join a conference call. Plus the idea of presence really only meant that you were sitting at your computer. With the releases this week and last, of Lync 2010 Mobile for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS you can now chat, have conference calls and even accept calls from your desk phone. More info on all the apps can be found here.

Follow these links to get the apps depending on your device:

Windows Phone

Since I am an iPhone user, that will be my first review. I took a few screenshots you can see below.

When you install the app the only configuration that is needed is to provide your iPhone number so that Lync can connect calls and enable Simultaneously Ring between your Lync extension and your iPhone. You can also turn this feature off in the My Info screen if you want to. This is also the same screen you would use to change your status. It does no appear to change the status for you if you have been away, like the PC client does. Although that makes sense since you are with your phone. It would be nice if there was a way to set a toggle to make this easier to change, but I believe that might be a drawback of iOS.

There are also quite a few options you can select from the My Info screen. You can view the screenshot here. You also have the same options for Status that you get on the Windows client. (Screenshot)

The next part that most people look for is the contacts. They are the same as the ones you have on your client and will sync groups as well. The Chat is also pretty self explanatory and works as expected. I would like to see two improvements in the chat. They should utilize the integrated iOS 5 notifications and show if you missed a chat, and when a chat is missed, you should get some sort of change to the home screen icon. I would imagine this would change with voicemails, but I dont have any or use mine much to check that. If you select a contact in chat you can also see all their details. You also have options to call the person, invite others to the conversation, and store the chat as an email. A cool extra feature is the ability to send your location to the other person. Lync will use the iPhone GPS to find you on Bing Maps and then send a map and the location to the person you are chatting with.

Moving on to the meetings which was my most looked forward to feature. I have had mixed experiences so far. First for the good parts. If you set a online meeting within Outlook, it will automatically sync with your mobile client. As an added bonus, if another person in your organization sends a meeting invite for a Lync meeting it is also synced to your meetings. Once the meeting has synced you no longer need to type in the long code to join the meeting. Simply click on the meeting and select Join Meeting. Lync will then tell you to answer the incoming call to join the meeting. This is where one of the bad parts comes into play. The call comes from the main company number and not your direct dial if you have one. This is not the worse thing just something to be aware of. The other part I don’t like here is that it requires you to have phone service to join an online meeting that is using VOIP. I would like it to be more like Skype that I could run everything with wifi. This is not much of a problem when you are in your normal cell area, but if you are a US person traveling abroad, the cell phone minutes get very expensive. Possibly the ability to have it call with Skype could be a great tie in for Microsoft in a future release. The other very troubling thing that I found was when I was a meeting organizer and other people joined my meeting before I did, the system asked me to type * to allow the others to join. I attempted to do this 3 times and it never recognized the *. I had to go back to my old way and type in the full phone number and code to start my meeting. I have only tried this once so I am hoping it is a glitch and will not persist but it is worth mentioning.

The last spot is the actual phone. This works just like the softphone client. You can dial a number direct via the keypad, and check your voicemail. The voicemail screen is very close to the native iPhone voicemail screen so that is very nice. Again I have the same issue that you have to be able to accept a call to place a call. Microsoft needs to find a way to make this client truly a VOIP client.

Overall for the first version of the product I think Microsoft did a rather good job and for normal operations I think it will be extremely handy and I look forward to the updates as they come. Hopefully we will have an Android and iPad review up shortly as well so stay tuned.

What to do with the business cards you get…

If you are anything like me, when you travel around for meetings and conferences you end up collecting a stack of business cards and they never end up in my contacts.  You could go out and buy a CardScan scanner and scan them all in when you get back to your office, but in all reality who has the time.  Worry not, there is a solution out there for all of you with smartphones.  Welcome WorldCard Mobile.  I first came across Worldcard on my Windows Mobile phone a few years back and when I first switched to an iPhone I was disappointed it did not exist.  Lucky for you, times have changed and the development team has built iPhone and Android apps along with the Windows Mobile app. Continue reading “What to do with the business cards you get…”

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