Book Review : Dan Brown’s Inferno

My normal readers know, I decided a while ago to expand my blog from just technical to other things including things from my motorcycle.  Since I have been spending alot fo time traveling for work, I decided it might be nice to give short sweet reviews of the books I have been reading as well.  Heres the first, as II finish the books I will put new posts up.

Dan Brown’s latest book Inferno follows a familiar path for Dan Brown fans, a respected scientist who gets caught up in an unsuspecting adventure.  This time we travel to Italy and follow the theme of Dante’s Inferno.  The hardback copy runs 480+ pages so this is not a quick read at all.  As in normal form, the first ~100 pages are rather slow, but it then picks up.  This is not going to be the book you take for the quick weekend beach getaway, unless you plan to get a sunburn while reading it.  I consider myself a reasonably fast reader and it still took me quite a few hours.  He does a good job of develop the characters in the beginning so you start to get a good feel for each character, or at least you think you do.  You find some great twists int he characters around page 300, and then again around 400.  Overall a pretty good read and in my opinion, better written than both Digital Fortress: A Thriller and The Lost Symbol. Still not quite as good as his go to The Da Vinci Code

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