HP makes the networking stack look like the VM stack: HP Cloud Tech Day

Starting out Day 2 of the HP Cloud Field Day, we have Dave Larson. A Chief Technologist for Security and Routing, Dave is responsible for HP’s vision into the cloud and how the security of enterprise data will be secured and managed. According to Dave, the latest trends in IT of virtualization, cloud and consumerization lead to new challenges that are similar to those we faced throughout the history of IT. This history goes from the Mainframe of the 1960s through Client-Server LANs in the 80s to the web in the 90s and into the early 21st century and now into Cloud Networking. The cloud security and devops automation is very much necessary for the system. The transition has forced new challenges with diverse users, diverse applications and increased complexity. Traditional IT strategies are not able to address these new concerns.  Traditional solutions are complex and difficult to secure and manage, inflexible and slow to adapt, and constrained making it ill-suited for new apps. The question is how we change traditional approaches.  One solution is to try out a platform to secure operational technology, so that it could be helpful in enhancing the security. Dave points out that you need to build a scalable, agile, secure network that streamlines operations and enables a better operating model. HP feels they can answer this call for a new agile network with a multi-tier vision. By owning the infrastructure, wired and wireless access points, IPS/IDS systems, and embedded apps, HP plans to then use a control plan with a tiered management to the network look like the virtualization stack of today. An interesting comparison that the physical platform that has control similar to a hypervisor with applications similar to VMs and then a management interface that is a comparison to vCenter.

HP feels that by combining the solutions into a stack, they can now treat each user differently and each device differently. This flexibility and agility is the missing component to the current networking solutions. The goal would be to be able to tell if I was connecting to a corporate network from my laptop over a VPN, or in the office, or from my smartphone or maybe my tablet.

Dave continues today discussing HP’s approach to security, but for that I will defer to the security bloggers that have joined me at HP Cloud Tech Day, make sure to take a look at the other great blogs

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