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So this is a bit of a departure from my normal posts but I have decided that I can review things from my other hobbies as well as work.  I have been an avid motorcycle rider for the past few years.  Since I made a deal with my wife that if we got a garage, I got a motorcycle.  Worked out pretty well.  I started with a Kawasaki Vulcan 750 about 7 years ago and had it for just about 3 years.  Then I decided to upgrade and just wanted something comfortable to ride for a few hours yet sporty enough to live in downtown DC with.  I found a 2001 Triumph Sprint ST.

Triumph-Nats ParkI had been riding with the same HJC CL15 helmet I bought initially but decided this year it was time for something new.  I really wanted something with a built in sun visor, full face, and with bluetooth.  Well that is a little harder to find than one might think.  I happen to walk into the CycleGear in Laurel, MD just to check out the selection and found the Bilt Techno Bluetooth.  I have scoured the web and cant seem to find this helmet, only the Bilt Freedom that I think the discontinued   I had seen mixed reviews on the Bilt stuff but since it was the only helmet I could find with everything I wanted… I went with the matte black. The Techno Bluetooth comes in Gloss Black, White, and a Matte Black.  The helmet uses a standard micro USB to charge. There is a boom mic and while I did not want to use it for the phone it was not an option without.  It does auto answer the phone after 2 rings.  Kind of a convenient feature if you do plan to use it for the phone.  With left hand controls it is very easy to change songs and the volume.


**Update : CycleGear has done a video review of the Techno Bluetooth as well.  It is here

**Update 2: CycleGear just sent an email out announcing the Bilt Helmet that is normally $319.99 for $159.99.  Nice for me is after contacting their Customer Service I was told they offer a 30 day price match guarantee and to just stop by the store and they will do the adjustment.  Way to go CycleGear.  That is a great move.

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