Storage and Blades Integrated but only 3U…

HP has announced that they are starting shipping of the latest in their converged infrastructure products for the mid-size market. The first question and one of great debate is what exactly is mid-market. In this case it can apply to anything from the 25 user high data users through the couple thousand user group that needs a file server for their department data. The x5000 G2 Storage Systems delivers high availability network storage over 10Gb FlexFabric.

A new configuration that is a collaborative effort between the storage and blade teams at HP, the x5000 houses 2 blades right out of the c-Class chassis along with a slide-out storage tray. The blades come pre-loaded with the Windows Storage Server operating system, ready to integrate directly into an existing Active Directory. The X5460 blades come standard with 24 GB of memory each and Intel Xeon Quad core processors. Each blade can be upgrade to 348 GB of memory as the system expands. The two blades are built to be a active/active cluster serving file storage. Expansion is the key to this device. With the slide out storage tray shown below you can house up to 32 TB of 7.2K RPM SAS drives internal to the system. If you need higher performance there is also a 15K option that offers 9.6TB of raw data access still within the 3U footprint. As you expand your business and file storage needs, the system can be expanded with up to four (4) D2600 or D2700 disk shelves. Keep in mind that you can not intermix the two disk trays. The D2600 utilizes the 3.5″ disks and the D2700 the 2.5″.


The total package allows for the mid-size business to leverage a less expansive solution for the data that is not considered tier 1 storage for most enterprises, while still providing a robust highly available solution. The use of Windows Storage server gives ease of management and even the ability to do some Deduplication to reduce disk requirements. Interestingly the Deduplication is not using the StoreOnce technology that HP has pressed with the release of the dedupe 2.0.

Want more info?  Heres the direct link from HP


Disclaimer : I attended the HP Discover 2011 conference as an invited independent blogger for HP. While the trip was sponsored by HP, I was not obligated or required to write any blogs or posts.






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  1. Essentially the same box as the HP E5000 Exchange Appliance just a different image on the blades, that’s converged infrastructure in action.

    1. Very true.  We asked about it as a branch office/smb vsphere cluster but are being told it is not designed for it.  Waiting on details    

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