Published Applications in the Enterprise : Horizon App Manager vs. Citrix XenApp

In today’s enterprise, applications are king. With bring you own desktop, an influx of Apple systems, and more remote users, the focus for enterprise systems is no longer on the operating system. This application focus led me to do a comparison of Citrix XenApp, the leading application publishing method, and VMware Horizon Application Manager, the latest product to provide centralized managed application to a domain. Each of these products has more features that could possibly be compared in a short presentation and since this test was built to present at the DC and New England VMware User Groups, I had to limit the feature set comparison. Horizon has a great SAAS presentation ability, and XenApp can be accessed from a plethora of devices that Horizon currently can not, but for this comparison I look at desktop presentation within a domain with the standard out of the box deployment. The systems were built to provide a minimum level of high availability and were not tweaked for performance. I was able to do the presentation with another of VMware’s products, SlideRocket and since most people were not able to see the presentation live I have embedded it below. Please add comments and suggestions as I will continue to develop the comparison and probably expand to show the other features. (Make sure to watch the side by side video comparison on Slide 16)


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  1. Good comparison but the issue I have with this is it’s not apples to apples. Citrix’s competitor to Horizon App Manager is CloudGateway with Storefront Services. It’s only been GA for 3 weeks, but been in beta for quite a while. It will look the same on the user side, but the architecture is different. It allows SSO and self service with Windows apps, virtualized apps (ThinApp, App-V, or XenApp) SAAS apps. It also gives the automated provisioning that Horizon offers. This is an On-Premise solution with no subscription required like with Horizon App Manager…

    1. Agreed that Cloud Gateway would be the most appropriate comparison, however this comparison was limited to strictly within the enterprise and one a domain. I purposely did not include the SAAS component at this time. Many users and small enterprises are still limited to internal Apps and the SAAS scenario is cool but not a selling point since they dont use SAAS heavily. The Cloud Gateway versus Horizon App Manager is forthcoming. An all on premise solution is the ideal and one that is in the futures with Horizon as well, but at this time an advantage for Cloud Gateway. The performance considerations may or may not be impacted with Cloud Gateway since it still uses the Storefront and XenApp for it’s backend. Depending on time, I am hoping to have the demo for it up in the near future and be able to test.

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