Product Review: Ultimate Addons Waterproof Motorcycle Case and Mount for iPhone 4s

After picking up a bluetooth helmet for the Triumph, I decided it would be nice if I had a way to mount my phone and keep it charged.  As we know when using bluetooth and GPS the battery dies very quickly.  I wanted to use the iMoto App as well.   I had not had much luck finding a mount that would fit really well.  I did talk to the team at TELFERIZER.COM who were extrememly nice and gave me some great options.  I am not very patient and figured since I found this one on Amazon i would order it and if it sucked I could always return it.

The kit is reasonably priced compared to the options out there at $60 plus shipping.  I was a little disappointed it did not qualify for Prime shipping but I did find out it came from Great Britian. First off heres the link to the one I bought.Ultimate Addons Metal U-Bolt Motorcycle Bike Waterproof Tough Case Handlebar Mount for Apple iPhone 5
I chose to expedite the shipping, it seemed for an extra $10 the difference between 18-21 business days and 1-3 was worth it.  And it really was 1-3.  It shipped the day after I ordered it and I got it within 2 days of then.  Very efficient.  On tot he product.


  • Nice Waterproof case
  • Allows for the iphone to be plugged in while riding (more on this in the cons)
  • Mounts in place of one of the screws that hole the handlebars.  This was not very clear ont he amazon ad.  The pictures show the ram mount style but from the description I was concerned I would get a handlebar mount which loops around the circular bar.  That would not fit well on the Sprint ST.
  • Clear and touch sensitive front that does not seem to add glare to the screen
  • Seems to hold very securely.  I did stop and go traffic and over 80 mph and it did not budge.
  • It comes with a layard that I attached just as the extra level of security


  • To wire in the iPhone it is a hard mount with a very large switch.  I think i can hide the switch but it is not very convenient.
  • To run the included iphone cable into the case, I will have to put a slight cut into the rubber casing.  There is a whole but not large enough to fit the iphone adapter through.
  • It will not work if your phone has a case.  I just drop my case in my jacket pocket so this is not a downside for me.

Here are a few pics of it installed.

photo 4From the left showing the case and the mount near the handl

photo 2
Looking Down from the seat over the tank

photo 3
The weirdest angle but this is between the windshield and the handlebars

photo 1

The iMoto App after a quick ride

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  1. I felt to write to you about my experience with the ‘Ultimate Addons’ iPhone 5 case I bought as this one which I also bought with the cross bar mounting kit.

    Unlike what seemed great to begin with this is an absolutely terrible product for the following reasons (Please see photos attached):

    1) The pad for the home button was so big that it kept the home button on my iPhone pressed at all times so I replaced this with a home made pad.

    2) The slide on clip at the back of the case doesn’t hold the phone securely enough and it fell off while riding my bike. I’ve since then added larger screws at the back to increase the friction of the locking mechanisms which has worked since to hold the phone in place. I also fitted an elasticated loop which holds the phone over the stem if ever it falls off the mount again.

    3) The stem of the ball/socket section that I screwed on to the cross bar of my motorbikes handle bars with the allen bolts came loose and there’s no way of tightening this stem section so it stays tightened.

    4) The smaller clip snapped off as it got damaged from falling off it’s mount.

    5) Now the larger clamp clip has also broken and fallen off by snapping at a stress point. This could have been caused by the phone hitting the ground when it fell off but it’s possible to see cracks appearing at the other end clearly following a stress point. This is most certainly because the plastic it’s self is disintegrating.

    6) Further more the wire that goes to the charger came loose very quickly of its connector and snapped off.

    This is such a shame as I absolutely loved using this case while it lasted.

    The reason why I’m writing this to because I don’t want any one else to experience what I’ve found with this product.



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