New Year..Same Problems

As we move into 2021 as quickly as we possibly can I am reminded of the now standard comment of New Year..New You. Unfortunately for most this isn’t the case and when it comes to technology it’s actually quite the opposite. It doesn’t matter if you have changed jobs or titles the same problems persist across most industries. Let’s look at just five common issues you should make sure to address as you start out 2021.

1. Ever expanding data

Your users just came back from holiday with a bunch of photos and videos and the odds are high they will get sent through your email or stored on your storage. Add to that all the files that were earmarked per year that are now duplicated for the new version. It’s important to look at file type filters and quotas and make sure you have solid deduplication on your primary storage

2. Cyber security is a threat to us all

Ransomware and state sponsored cyber crime was on the rise in 2020 and isn’t slowing down. Check your perimeter for anomalies, make sure your end users are updated on protection and now is a good time to test that quick recovery backup solution you bought with end of year funds (or maybe with new year funds)

3. Change is hard

All the new product and solutions in the world need to be implemented somehow but let’s avoid making it harder on users. Make sure you review your change management process. Do you have a review board? Are the right people involved? Have people left and been replaced that were stakeholders?

4. Need more power!

Even as we move more items to the cloud we still have datacenters that are consuming power and cooling. Have you evaluated your own datacenter or your colo to make sure you are helping curb power consumption instead of adding to it? Do you need to look at updating your generator or cooling system to be more efficient in 2021?

5. People break things

I mentioned backups but it’s not just cybercrime that makes backups necessary. Users delete files and people corrupt systems, sadly it happens so make sure to take the time to look at a full business continuity and disaster recovery plan for this year. Yes they are two different things but that’s an article for another time.

These may be common problems but 2021 promises to have lots of positives as well and let’s hope it’s even more than last year!

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