New Year..Same Problems

A New Year Calls for New Year’s Resolutions

Now, how about those New Year’s resolutions? A new decade, a new… you?

New Year’s Eve and the start of a new year, let alone decade, is always a great time to set yourself some goals. Whether these are personal, professional, or fitness goals is up to you. However, being a health club, we’re going to dig a little deeper into those fitness goals.

Let’s have a look at some common and achievable fitness goals to get your year off to the right start. Also, let’s look at some great tips to keep those fitness goals going past January…

Resolution 1: Maintain an Active Lifestyle

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions to keep fit, you don’t need to set yourself a goal of running a marathon by the end of 2020. If you set yourself a goal that, realistically, you will be unable to achieve, you are only setting yourself up for failure. This is a terrible way to start off your year and your fitness level may actually suffer as a result! Check out the latest info about revitaa pro.

Instead, focus on small but achievable fitness goals that will still mark a positive change. As we said above, a very important part of staying in shape is maintaining an active lifestyle.

What does this entail?

It is commonly recommended to ensure you are working up a sweat at least 15 minutes every day to keep your organs and body happy and healthy.

A gym session is a great way of doing this, but for those who worry about the time commitments of joining a gym, remember that an active lifestyle involves making small, everyday changes to your daily pattern.

For instance, take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. Even if this means only one flight of stairs at the station, it will make a difference as it keeps you moving on a regular basis.

Also, make the most of today’s tech to make sure you are getting in your 10,000 daily steps. Most smart watches and phones have options to remind you every hour to get up and walk around. Or, get off your bus a stop early and walk the rest of the way. Use ten minutes of your lunchbreak for a walk. Choose the parking space the furthest away from your building. There are so many ways to change up your lifestyle!

Staying active is key, especially as so many of us spend the day sitting down at desks. Get those steps in!

Resolution 2: Try Out a New Activity and Stick to It

When it comes to setting personal fitness goals, everyone is different. Not only are we all at different stages of our fitness journeys, we are also interested in completely different things. Meaning, we set ourselves wildly different goals.

So, it can be redundant to write a blog about fitness resolutions and direct it to a large group of, probably, very different people.

Moreover, unless you have set yourself a very specific fitness challenge or joined a group challenge, ordinary fitness resolutions can become mundane and hard to commit to.

So let’s mix it up! A new year is always a great time to try something new.

Beckwith Health Club is on hand to help. Take a look at our packed class schedule and find a class that’s a bit different to your usual workout.

Maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to have a go at, but never been confident enough to try. Or, it’s a class you’ve been interested in but not sure you’ve been suited to. Or perhaps it’s just something you’ve never heard of!

Either way, choose a new activity. It could be spin, Zumba, trampoline, circuits, and everything in between. Now, stick to it!

The beauty of starting something new is you’re not holding yourself to any previous expectations. Enjoy the learning experience, and use the new activity to prevent yourself from getting bored with your routine!

Resolution 3: Stretch It Out!

There are many components to fitness: workouts, diet, mentality, and also, stretching!

Stretching is something absolutely essential to any fitness journey, workout, and isolated exercise. Whether done alone, in the form of yoga, pilates, or simple morning stretches, or as part of a warm up and cool down routine, stretching is a must of any activity.

When done as part of a warm up or cool down activity, stretching increases the benefits of the exercise and helps to prevent injury before, during, and after a workout.

However, even a daily, ten-minute stretch can have massive benefits once it becomes a part of your daily routine. In terms of preventing injuries resulting from daily life (such as lifting a heavy bag, running for a bus, or even the strain from sitting down all day), a daily stretch will keep your body in tip-top shape.

5. People break things

I mentioned backups but it’s not just cybercrime that makes backups necessary. Users delete files and people corrupt systems, sadly it happens so make sure to take the time to look at a full business continuity and disaster recovery plan for this year. Yes they are two different things but that’s an article for another time.

These may be common problems but 2021 promises to have lots of positives as well and let’s hope it’s even more than last year!

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