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So this is a bit of a departure from my normal posts but I have decided that I can review things from my other hobbies as well as work.  I have been an avid motorcycle rider for the past few years.  Since I made a deal with my wife that if we got a garage, I got a motorcycle.  Worked out pretty well.  I started with a Kawasaki Vulcan 750 about 7 years ago and had it for just about 3 years.  Then I decided to upgrade and just wanted something comfortable to ride for a few hours yet sporty enough to live in downtown DC with.  I found a 2001 Triumph Sprint ST.

Triumph-Nats ParkI had been riding with the same HJC CL15 helmet I bought initially but decided this year it was time for something new.  I really wanted something with a built in sun visor, full face, and with bluetooth.  Well that is a little harder to find than one might think.  I happen to walk into the CycleGear in Laurel, MD just to check out the selection and found the Bilt Techno Bluetooth.  I have scoured the web and cant seem to find this helmet, only the Bilt Freedom that I think the discontinued   I had seen mixed reviews on the Bilt stuff but since it was the only helmet I could find with everything I wanted… I went with the matte black. The Techno Bluetooth comes in Gloss Black, White, and a Matte Black.  The helmet uses a standard micro USB to charge. There is a boom mic and while I did not want to use it for the phone it was not an option without.  It does auto answer the phone after 2 rings.  Kind of a convenient feature if you do plan to use it for the phone.  With left hand controls it is very easy to change songs and the volume.


**Update : CycleGear has done a video review of the Techno Bluetooth as well.  It is here

**Update 2: CycleGear just sent an email out announcing the Bilt Helmet that is normally $319.99 for $159.99.  Nice for me is after contacting their Customer Service I was told they offer a 30 day price match guarantee and to just stop by the store and they will do the adjustment.  Way to go CycleGear.  That is a great move.

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  1. Great helmet, i have a 250 regal raptor, and now im looking for something bigger like 600 or 900 cc may be in my ndxt travel to the states i can find something with sun vision

  2. I have the Bilt Freedom and have somewhat mixed feelings about it. I’ve never been able to get it to receive a call, everytime it simply shuts off if the phone rings. Also the volume level was not that great, anything over 60 and you could barely hear the music at full volume. Just saw the Techno in CycleGear mail catalog. So far how do you feel about it?

    1. So far I am really happy with it. The volume seems to be fine and it takes calls without a problem. It actually auto answers after 2 rings. Not sure I like that part.

      1. Have you tried having a phone conversation at faster than highway speeds? Reviews on this type of helmet indicate that it becomes difficult to hear voices over the phone or via bluetooth intercom with a passenger at highway speeds. Any issues there?

        1. I have had a conversation at about 50 mph so far and the other person said she could hear me better than in my car with Bluetooth. It was very clear and I had no problem hearing her.

          As for faster than highway speeds well that I can’t say yet. I would think at that rate I would not be talking on the phone.

          To be honest I wanted it to only have music but that was not an option.

          1. I am looking to get this helmet so thanks for the advice. As far as your phone… I think you can go into bluetooth settings and shut off bluetooth for the phone and make it work for music only. Like being in airplane mode, but with bluetooth on just to listen to music through the helmet. Should work.

  3. I’m seriously considering buying this helmet tomorrow. My concern is clearly hearing my music at 70 mph. I commute to work on a naked BMW K1200r 2 days a week and the bike is relatively quiet other than the wind due to no windshield. I’ll be cruising at 70 mph 30 miles each way. Please let me know if you test this unit at that speed. I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. I tested hearing music up to around 80 mph. I did not have any problem. It was nice to hear that CycleGear gives a 7 day return but only for store credit. My thought was that I would be able to return it and find enough gear if need be. Would love to hear your reviews after you try it out.

      1. Great thank you for the reply. One last question, is the sizing similar to your past HJC? I wear an XL in HJC and Cycle Gear has an XL in stock in PHX. Thanks again

          1. I tried the XL last night and it was way too snug. I’m gonna have to go with the 2XL which is supposed to be in stock as of today. I’ll let you know my review of the helmet in a week.

  4. This appears to be exactly the same as the Speed and Strength SS1300, but with added bluetooth and flip down visor. Any idea if it’s made by SS or does it seem to be a knockoff? Is there any Speed and Strength or SS1300 labels inside it anywhere?

    1. The staff at CycleGear actually pulled out a Speed and Strength SS1300 for me to see. You are correct it is an identical helmet. In fact they made be made by the same people. The only difference were the S&S came in more paint jobs. This one only came in Matte Black, Glossy Black, and White. And the Bilt has the bluetooth added. It does not say anything on it about Speed and Strength. From what I understand many of the Bilt and S&S helmets are identical.

  5. I was just looking at the Cycle Gear catalog today and was blown away by the price of this helmet, but I figured it had to be of poor quality. I have been wanting to add Bluetooth to my helmet for a while but have felt the devices were too pricey. I bought a Chatterbox system years ago but wow is it clunky. Given your feedback I think this is well worth the gamble for the price. Thanks for sharing your experience with this helmet.

  6. I had Built hi-viz yellow modular helmet on 50% off sale at $99 and then added a tinted mirror green vizor for $15. It loved the looks. Then I tried to add blue-tooth but I was amazed to learn how expensive those blue-tooth/intercom kits are. I also noticed that the modular helmet, while providing excellent flexibility, let’s in rain from the gap in windshield and vizor where the chin piece pivots up.
    SO I went in and traded it (on 7th day) for this Bilt Blue Tooth Techno helmet. Heck, at $159, it is cheaper than a bluetooth kit alone. For the money I saved, I bought armored leather jacket and pants. I rode in this helmet at 70 mps and noticed that the wind noise was half that of the modular helmet. I was able to hear GPS instructions from my phone. Yet to check the call quality.

  7. I’ve been using this helmet for almost a month now.
    Wind noise doesn’t seem bad to me. I do have a windshield and stock pipes on my V-twin.

    I listen to music all the time, it’s nice and clear at 85 mph (watching scenery and not speed-o).

    Only a few calls and they seemed fine too. Didn’t ask the other person how it sounded.

    For the price of a BT comm unit I got a nice BT helmet.

    One thing – I could not get it to pair with a UClear HBC100 system. Paired with the phone no problem.

  8. Actually I was searching for the helmet on Google, from there i come to know about your site, I love your helmet very much and playing to buy know i get idea which helmet will be good for me, thanks for the information.

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