Managing VMware with your Ipad

The world is geared towards being able to work remotely, yet VMware has been less than speedy finding a way to manage the ESX environment from a mobile device. Sure they released the vCenter Mobile Access (, which is great if you are not using a device that has any graphic power. However, why not use something that is easy but still gives an administrator the ability to see their environment and maybe even work with it some?

VManage does exactly that. For $2.99 an administrator can use their iPhone or iPad to connect via WiFi or VPN to their environment and see alarms, stats, and even VMotion machines.  It will even inherit the permissions you set within vCenter so the admins will only see what the primary datacenter admin has given them rights to.

Overall VManage is a really nice product for quick access and knowledge of your VMware environment. Take a look at a short demo that illustrates the ease of using VManage.

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