Is Netscaler Cloud Gateway just Project Horizon on-premise?

The Netscaler Cloud Gateway was released by Citrix with the purpose of delivery applications to the enterprise in a more efficient and better managed process.  The delivery includes not just the existing apps but also SaaS apps like SalesForce and others that support the SAML authentication tokens.  For most of the VMware followers out there this sounds strikingly like MyOneLogin or what was just released as the Horizon App Manager.  There are some key differences however between the products.  Starting on the physical side, the Cloud Gateway is an on-premise device or virtual appliance, while Horizon is designed to be a cloud based services that does not put any equipment in the enterprise datacenters.  Gloud Gateway will be available according to Citrix as a service from Citrix Solutions Providers as well but that does not seem to be the focus at this point.  That is not where the differences stop, the Netscaler allows for quality of services management and license management for these applications across the enterprise.  The Cloud Gateway also integrates directly with all the different versions of Citrix Receiver.

Not surprisingly there are alot of similarities and the release will most likely force VMware to continue with the application push and hopefully integrate ThinApp into Horizon sooner rather than later, since the Cloud Gateway can already present XenApp published apps.

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