Installing the latest VMware Fling – I/O Analyzer

VMware Labs relesed their latest fling this week.  An appliance “that provides a simple and standardized way of measuring storage performance in a VMware vSphere virtualized environments” To help out everyone out there I did a quick screenshot walkthrough to show the install. Rather simple and if you have ever installed a .ovf you should have no problems.


Download the Fling Here

Quick Summary found Here


  1. File – Deploy OVF Template
  2. View the summary
  3. Select a VM Name
  4. Select your Cluster
  5. Select the datastore that you want to analyze (Make sure you put it on the one you are testing)
  6. Choose your disk format
  7. Select your network to access the manager
  8. Complete the install
  9. Add another HD to the system that is equal to 4x the memory.  The default on mine was 1 GB of memory so create a 4 GB HD
  10. Power on the VM and Login as root : vmware.  You can set the IP address here if you want
  11. Direct your webbrowser to the IP address from step 10.
  12. Select the Setup & Run Option and configure your test.  Make sure to Save the Configuration so you can select it in the results.
  13. RUN YOU TEST 🙂
  14. Click the Results option to see the results.


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