How to get your upgraded vSphere 5 license keys

There seems to be some confusion from customers on how they get the new license keys for vSphere 5 if they have an existing support and subscription. If your support is current the upgrade should have been processed automatically in the VMware portal. The same process applies for any upgrades in the VMware system but I am just showing the vSphere hypervisor license as an example. To be able to complete this process you will need to be either Primary License Administrator (PLA) or Secondary License Administrator (SLA). If you need help adding a SLA to an account check out my other blog on “How to add a SLA to VMware.”

Without further ado and with actual keys redacted for protection, heres the process…

Step One: Login to the VMware site under My Account. Select “Manage Product License” You have to select a product but which one does not really matter. If you pick any current product it will take you to the same screen. If you pick a v3 product you will have to change to “License Keys” from “VI3 License” on the top of the next screen


Step Two: Scroll down until you find the product you want to upgrade the license for, you should see the Upgrade Available banner. Click the Upgrade option. The process is similar to divide keys if you only want to upgrade some of your licenses.


Step Three: Select the quantity you want to upgrade and click Continue.


Step Four: Choose if you want the license keys auto generated with the same quantities as the old version. You can also divide license keys here by changing to manual


Step Five: Confirm you selections. You will see the old key and your new key, and confirm that you will stop using the old key as it is not valid once you upgrade.



Step Six: Success. The licenses will be generated and once you click OK the screen will refresh.


After the screen refreshes, scroll down to find the newly updated keys. You will not see the old keys anymore. In my case I had already upgraded 2 keys and the 4 CPU I just did were added to the list. Make sure to fill in the comments field for ease of tracking in the future.




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