How to Add your Twitter Name to your VMworld Registration

My company has a central point register employees for conferences so the same was true for VMworld. But I noticed that my twitter handle was not included and could not figure out exactly how to add it. After some searching and an email to I was able to figure it out. To save you all a little hassle, here’s a quick screenshot walk through that should help.

  1. Go to and sign in

  2. Enter whatever your username and password is

  3. Click Register Now (I know you already did but this is how it works)

  4. Select Your Conference Site then Click Submit

  5. Click on Registration

  6. Click on the Pencil Beside Contact Information

  7. Scroll to the bottom and just above Emergency Contact Information you will see a Twitter Username Space. Enter your username including the “@”. If you leave off the @ it will not be on your badge.

  8. Click Continue and you will be taken back to the Registration Information Screen.

All Done. Hope that helps everyone out. Please feel free to pass it along. Social Networking does not do much good if we aren’t social.

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