How to add a Secondary License Admin for VMware

As the number of virtualization admins increases, one of the ongoing issues is how to make sure the correct people can see the correct licenses. When virtualization was young, often a single admin handle all the keys for a company, but those times have past so now many of my clients want to know how to add a second or third person to their license portal. Possible one for just your View licenses so the Help Desk Manager sees those keys but not the vSphere licenses, while your application developers need your vFabric keys but not the View keys. After walking through customers a few times I thought it would be easier to do one of my standard screenshot blogs to show how to add a second license admin. First a few terms you need to know:

  • PLA = Primary License Administrator, each contract only has one PLA. Remember you are just renewing Support and Subscription, your licenses are perpetual.
  • SLA = Secondary License Administrator, this can have multiples and is assigned by contract
  • SA = Support Administrator, this person cannot manipulate licenses but can file support claims for the contract specified.

All names, contract, and order numbers have been redacted to protect the innocent. Now for the process…

Step one to add a SLA is to log in as the PLA, choose “Manage Support Contracts” as your destination:


You will now see all the contracts that the person logged in is the PLA, SLA, or SA. You can only add if you are the PLA.


Click on “Manage Administrators” and you will be redirected to the search screen:


Enter the email of the user you want to add. You have to know the email used for their account. You will now get one of the two screens below. The first will be if the user is not currently a PLA,SLA or SA on any contracts. The second is if they currently are any of the categories.

In either case simply click “Assign to Other Contracts” and you will see the contracts you are a PLA for.

Simply click on the contract number and choose the role you would like to assign.

This operation will initiate a workflow that will send an email to the PLA for the contract notifying them of the change. You will then need to wait a few minutes for the contracts to show up for the SLA. In my experience within 30 minutes you will see the contracts as a SLA.

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