How much travel is too much travel?

Often people ask me how much I travel and if you ask my friends at home you will probably hear numbers ranging from 50% to 80% but is that really accurate? I found that without real data thats hard to calculate so when I started needing to make sure that a team was not traveling over X% throughout the year I needed a way to know what that really meant.

There are quite a few things to consider and this is just a short list of them.

  • Do you count weekends?
  • Do you count holidays?
  • Are you traveling on back to back weeks?
  • Are you traveling on weekend days?
  • Do those weekend days count as work days?

I tried to account for all of these items along with the ebbs and flows of the year. You may travel more in the summer and fall but not as much in the winter time so the percentage is really throughout the whole year.

I created this google sheet to help me calculate the real times for the team. Be careful there are a lot of formulas throughout that are very easy to break but you should be able to make a copy and use it to your hearts content. I left a bunch of larger events in the master event list just to make everyones life a little easier.

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