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For the second year in a row, I have been given the distinct pleasure of anchoring the VMware Communities TV lineup at VMworld.  If you are not able to make VMworld, why not spend less than an hour a day and hear from some of the leaders in the virtualization community talk about everything that is announced and all there is to see at the conference?  If you have more time keep watching for some great tech talks throughout the day.  Our format is simple, a very casual conversation each day starting at 10 AM PST with myself and then 3-4 VMware vExperts.  The topics will be varied and will probably cover everything from the latest VMware releases to the best releases from vendors to how the welcome reception and evening.  Take a look below at the listing of the vExperts currently signed up and make sure to click on their names to follow them on twitter.  You never know who else might stop by though.

To follow along with all the VMworld Communities TechTalks bookmark , the redirect will be edited as soon as the site goes live

Monday August 27

Topic: Monday General Session
vExpert 1: Gurusimran “GS” Khalsa
vExpert 2: Tim Antonowicz
vExpert 3: Will Huber
vExpert 4: James Bowling

Tuesday August 28  

Topic: Tuesday General Session
vExpert 1: Justin Lauer
vExpert 2: Chuck Mills
vExpert 3: Kyle Ruddy
vExpert 4: Antone Heyward

Wednesday August 29  

Topic: Best releases from Vendors
vExpert 1: Bilal Hashmi
vExpert 2: Ron Singler
vExpert 3: James Bowling
vExpert 4: Tony Foster

Thursday August 30  

Topic: TakeWays and Best Moments
vExpert 1: Maish Saidel-Keesing
vExpert 2: Bill Hill
vExpert 3: Mike Foley
vExpert 4: Edward Haletky

Many thanks go out to Alex Maier and John Troyer at VMware for their support in making what was a thought of a webcam and a few guys a couple years ago become a full out production.Thanks also to the entire team at Nexenta.  They have supported and encouraged not just me but many of their employees to be involved and supportive of the community as a whole without their support I would not be able to make it to VMworld, much less entertain such a great group of vExperts.

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