Citrix is releasing a reference architecture to help you build your own cloud offering

The key parameters that are to be considered when building a multi-tenant environment are Isolation, performance sla, user customization, ease of administration, and financial cost. Citrix is providing ways to build this with multiple different models. The first is session isolation. This would involve fully shared hardware with just a user session separate. The next is server isolation,with each tenant having their own virtual servers. The next is a full network isolation. This is dedicated hardware and systems. The cost increases with each model. Within the next few months (June 30th they say) Citrix will be releasing a full fledged white paper on how to configure each of these setups.

While the full isolation would be the preferred option in most cases, it will also involve the most hardware for this cloud. Some of the components then require you to duplicate solutions, this includes a separate XenApp farm for each tenant. By building multiple farms you also lose some of the new functionality in XenApp 6 that will allow for worker groups to auto populate apps depending on OU. Parts that don’t need to be multiple would include the Access gateway and Netscaler. A Netscaler will create a virtual server that provides client less access into the tenants network. With the netscaler you could have separation with virtual VPX gateways, or for a large environment you could have unto 20,000 concurrent connections with the MPX appliance.
For monitoring the cloud environment you can use Edgesight to monitor end to end details of the environment. This is definitely an advantage since you are often unable to monitor multiple systems through a single pane of glass. Edgesight now provides for some new reports for SLA compliance and Usage reports, specifically built around solution providers.

The goal with the latest releases is to combine the multiple management tools, AD, SQL, and XenApp just to name a few. The release of the Cortex Cloud Control Panel will allow you to manage multiple consoles in one pane as well as delegate access out to either staff or even to tenants to manage their own environment.

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