Cars and Tech seems like a good fit..

I am a car guy, theres no denying that. Anyone who I have met knows that I love anything with an engine really with 2 or 4 wheels. Doesn’t matter if I am driving it, working on it, or just watching it I am in. So when my team at Cohesity started trying to come up with ways to interact more with bloggers, influencers and others around the world, it was natural for me to go the route of racing. After some back and forth with the team we all agreed and kicked off our Cohesity Circuit program for the year. It has two parts so far, and more to come!

The first is a contest that went live to start the year called the Cohesity Circuit contest (I know very original), but the prize is major, a full weekend at the Dutch Grand Prix with hotel, food and tickets paid for. All you have to do is write a blog or do a video about Cohesity and send us the link. All the details are on this blog

Cohesity Circuit Contest

The second Cohesity Circuit event is the Qualifying Lap Events. Five of the team members will be spreading around the world to do mini demo and training sessions as a way to kick off the release of the first ever Cohesity Community License. Attendees will be the first to get access to the community license along with a nice networking happy hour to follow the event. Make sure you sign up for the city near you for the first three dates in March, May and July. I am doing Chicago, NYC and RTP.

Cohesity Circuit Qualifying Lap

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