Are you a Nerd or a Geek?

After having a conversation last week that being called a Geek or a Nerd is not a bad thing once you get out of high school, I found this infographic interesting. The conversation did conclude that no matter what some girls say, being called a Dork is pretty much never good.

So which one are you??

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When you think of geek, you think of the woman or man who is hooked onto their Xbox like a newborn onto a teat. The geek is out of shape living on a diet of chips and Mountain Dew. The only locker room experiences geeks have are the ones where they are shoved into the locker. So they grow up thinking, fitness is not for me.

I was that geek.

I was the kid who was picked last at kickball, couldn’t lift weights and couldn’t catch a ball if it was covered in glue. That’s because I received a message over and over: you aren’t an athlete. You can’t be a geek and have athletic skill. I was the Forrest Gump of the gym. Seat taken. Can’t sit here.

So I resigned myself to my Xbox and sci-fi books, my board games and comics. I ate what I wanted and then last year, after nearly drowning in a SCUBA accident, I realized something:

I was killing myself.

So I did what every geek would: I turned to the internet for the solution. I researched blogs and websites trying to find how I could get into shape. Because I knew this simple fact: joining a gym would be a mistake. I would do the minimum input to get the greatest psychological result. I would just be overwhelmed by the choices, do the smallest little thing to help me feel better, and walk out.

I would fail. And fail hard.

But the one thing that kept coming up was CrossFit. I joined one CrossFit gym and after three weeks of puking, the trainer told me I wasn’t fit enough for his gym. I think after I tried to do 60 jumping jacks and vomited it might have clued him in.

I pressed on, found another CrossFit gym, and after I told my coach about my first experience, he said, “That’s horrible! I’d never give up on you. You just have to show up.”

And show up I did.

A couple of the guys actually guessed how long I’d last. You have to understand. I never lifted weights. I didn’t know anything about anything in regards to fitness. And it’s been over a year. I have a little weight left to lose, but this geek is now much more fit and I know how you can get your fellow (or inner) geek to get fit, for improved results try out meticore supplement.

1. Set tiny goals: Don’t say you are going to work out every day. It’s a lie. Set out to work out just today. Go for a walk. Throw a ball around. Jump some rope for 5 minutes or even 2 minutes.

2. Write it down: We geeks like to look back and see what we’ve done. Keep a journal. Decorate it Superman style, but write down every attempt. (I take a picture of myself after every CrossFit workout and post it to my Facebook.)

3. Discover why: You have to find out why you are embarking on this quest. Health? Show up your high school reunion? Make your eHarmony picture better? If you don’t know why, and you start hating it, you will instantly give up if you don’t have a reason.

Published Applications in the Enterprise : Horizon App Manager vs. Citrix XenApp

In today’s enterprise, applications are king. With bring you own desktop, an influx of Apple systems, and more remote users, the focus for enterprise systems is no longer on the operating system. This application focus led me to do a comparison of Citrix XenApp, the leading application publishing method, and VMware Horizon Application Manager, the latest product to provide centralized managed application to a domain. Each of these products has more features that could possibly be compared in a short presentation and since this test was built to present at the DC and New England VMware User Groups, I had to limit the feature set comparison. Horizon has a great SAAS presentation ability, and XenApp can be accessed from a plethora of devices that Horizon currently can not, but for this comparison I look at desktop presentation within a domain with the standard out of the box deployment. The systems were built to provide a minimum level of high availability and were not tweaked for performance. I was able to do the presentation with another of VMware’s products, SlideRocket and since most people were not able to see the presentation live I have embedded it below. Please add comments and suggestions as I will continue to develop the comparison and probably expand to show the other features. (Make sure to watch the side by side video comparison on Slide 16)


Time to sharpen the presentation skills… 2 VMUG Presentations in 2 weeks…

Working as a solutions architect, I get to do presentations on a regular basis for lunch and learns or small groups.  In two weeks though I will have to step up my game.  First is the Washington DC VMware User Group.  Bookended by Tintri and Veeam, two of the hottest players in the virtualization space I had to come up with a pretty good topic for everyone to enjoy.  I am going with Enterprise Application Presentation.  Might not sound overly interesting, but I get to do a comparison between Citrix Xenapp and the new VMware Horizon App Manager.  With a limited presentation time I plan to limit it to presenting applications to machines onsite in an enterprise domain.  By no means the full scope of either product but one of the largest use cases.  Make sure to come by if you will be in DC on January 17th.  We will be at the Washington Nationals Stadium.


Want to Register for the DC VMUG – Info Here

Then comes the second presentation.  Over the last year or so I have gotten to know a few of the guys in the New England and have been selected to present for their VMUG also two days later.  Will be the same presentation (although probably a little more polished, sorry DC) The New England Winter Warmer is one of the largest VMUG meeting in the country.  Being held at Gillette Stadium, home of the Patriots, this full day event can bring upwards of 1100 virtualization professionals.  I will be in one of the breakout sessions.

If you want to join us in New England – Info Here


Hope to see many of you there.  If we have not met face to face, make sure to come say hi.

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