Storage and Blades Integrated but only 3U…

HP has announced that they are starting shipping of the latest in their converged infrastructure products for the mid-size market. The first question and one of great debate is what exactly is mid-market. In this case it can apply to anything from the 25 user high data users through the couple thousand user group that needs a file server for their department data. The x5000 G2 Storage Systems delivers high availability network storage over 10Gb FlexFabric.

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Open Letter to Urban Planners in DC

For those of you who are used to coming to my blog to read about technology and virtualization this post is going to a slight change but one I felt was worth writing.  If this is your first time reading my blog, thank you and I welcome your comments.

Almost three years ago my wife and I moved into one of the most drastically changed areas of Washington DC and without a doubt it was the best decision we have made.  We live in an area that has been referred to by alot of names but the most common seem to be Capital Riverfront or Navy Yard-Ballpark.   An area between Capital Hill and the Anacostia River and home to the Washington Nationals Stadium, the area has gone from one that was full of strip clubs and drug deals to home to young professionals and young families in new high-rise apartment and condo buildings.  We have some of the newest and best parks in DC and are seeing restaurants and stores slowly come into the area.  Sounds great right? Continue reading “Open Letter to Urban Planners in DC”

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