VMware brings app delivery to the web

We live in an app-centric world now. If you use a smart phone you probably have spent time searching the app store for the latest new app. Then you go to work and open up Word or Excel or Outlook to get your work done. Users are less and less interested in the operating system and more on how well their app will work on it. With that in mind, VMware announced the tech preview of AppBlast. Continue reading “VMware brings app delivery to the web”

VMware Changes Desktop Certifications

VMware announced that effective today, the VMware Certified Associate – Desktop certification will no longer be a prerequisite for the VMware Certified Professional – Desktop.  The exam will continue to be available for the VCA-DT.  The VCP-DT will be required along with a VCP to take the VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Desktop exam.  It is not known at this time if the VCA-DT will be retired since it is no longer part of a certification track.  The new track is shown below.

vca cert

VMware takes Cloud Contracts globally

globalVMware has made steps to make the public cloud a much more dynamic system. VMware Global Connect is a partnering agreement between vCloud DataCenter certified vendors that will allow a customer to use all of their services with a single contract. Adding vCloud Connector into the mix will allow a customer to migrate systems from a private cloud to a local vCloud Datacenter provider.  VMware now has 7 global providers approved as vCloud Datacenter providers.  The vCloud DataCenter certification means that a vendor has built a full datacenter using a specific architecture that has been approved by VMware.  The Global Connect agreements provide shared SLA and reporting that is managed by the local provider but guaranteed regardless of the physical datacenter that the systems reside in. Continue reading “VMware takes Cloud Contracts globally”

UGGHH My calendar is messed up..How to fix it.

I have hated traveling to the west coast, not because of it being the west coast.  The weather is beautiful normally and people seem nice enough, but my calendars on my phone seem to be messed up all the time with the time zone changes.

I keep multiple calendars on my iPhone, my corporate exchange calendar and my GMail one being the most used.  It seemed as though everytime I would travel my time zones were off but only on some appointments.  I have found a few reasons for you to check.  You might need to try some or all of these and depending if you have “fixed” some appointments, you may need to put them back to the original. Continue reading “UGGHH My calendar is messed up..How to fix it.”

What to do with the business cards you get…

If you are anything like me, when you travel around for meetings and conferences you end up collecting a stack of business cards and they never end up in my contacts.  You could go out and buy a CardScan scanner and scan them all in when you get back to your office, but in all reality who has the time.  Worry not, there is a solution out there for all of you with smartphones.  Welcome WorldCard Mobile.  I first came across Worldcard on my Windows Mobile phone a few years back and when I first switched to an iPhone I was disappointed it did not exist.  Lucky for you, times have changed and the development team has built iPhone and Android apps along with the Windows Mobile app. Continue reading “What to do with the business cards you get…”

Is the world finally ready for HP Virtual Connect?

HP Virtual Connect is not a new technology. A quick Google search for when it was first released showed a version 1.3 release note in October of 2008. If you apply Moore’s Law to something that was released originally in early 2008, it should have advanced 4x by now with it doubling every 2 years. In reality, the technology was built to grow and expand and change as connectivity changed. The problem with Virtual Connect previously was that a standard user normally had a very hard time understanding what HP was trying to accomplish. Continue reading “Is the world finally ready for HP Virtual Connect?”

Pre-Built Private Cloud: Is it Marketing or Innovation?

If you have been anywhere near a briefing from VMware, Citrix, or Microsoft in the past few years, you are well aware of what “the cloud” is.  You have probably already heard about the public cloud with the likes of Amazon and Google among others.  The newest additions to the cloud vernacular are the private and hybrid cloud.  The private cloud is where software companies like Citrix and VMware have developed solutions to allow an enterprise to keep their data secure, but still get the commodity model that has been advertised to their users in the consumer space. The hybrid model is the utopian integration and flexibility between the public and private cloud environments. As I sat through the second session of the Blogger Reality Show, which was focused on Converged Systems, it occurred to me that like so many pre-built platforms these days, the HP CloudSystem is exactly what the private cloud was envisioned as.  Then the thoughts of all the other hardware vendors starting sneaking in and I got to thinking about what is really included in these hardware offerings. Are we seeing a revolution in the way that IT equipment is purchased or are we just seeing marketing spin by a few vendors that have joined forces to sell the solutions that are already available. Continue reading “Pre-Built Private Cloud: Is it Marketing or Innovation?”

HP: The Legos of enterprise IT

Security breaches from lost laptops, consumerization of enterprise IT, and a slowed economy have all been factors forcing current CIOs and IT staffs to find ways to cut costs and increase efficiencies. Virtual desktops while often one of my primary topics has become just one of the many pieces of the puzzle. The others include but are certainly not limited to the server infrastructure, networking equipment, enterprise storage and all the components that allow them to run, both physically with cabling, cooling and power, but also virtually, with management consoles and user interfaces.

Over the past two years, almost every major vendor in the IT industry has come up with a new fancy name to say that they are combining all the components needed to run your enterprise. Acadia was a collaboration from EMC, VMware and Cisco which later became VCE, Netapp was soon to follow with the Flexpod. Both of these are great solutions and are clearly geared at the large enterprise that buys in bulk. They both allow you to control the storage as part of a solution that includes the servers and even includes hooks into the virtual infrastructure. However, they also come with a cost, and a large one since you have to buy the units as a full configuration all at once. Continue reading “HP: The Legos of enterprise IT”

How to take less business cards to a conference…and still make good contacts

The traditional business card has become part of social etiquette. We make sure when we start a new job we order in 100 cards so that we can pass them out in meetings with clients, vendors, and customers, but most of us really could care less about the little piece of paper and would rather you just email me your contact info. It gets even worse when people have tried to be original and have an odd shaped card. Where are you going to put it? It does not fit right in your business card slot in your bag; it is weird in your wallet, so most likely it will just get thrown in the trash. The only thing that people seem to really like business cards for nowadays is to drop in the fish bowl at Chipotle, or your closest quick lunch place to try to win lunch to a day for your office.

There is one exception, when going to a business conference you want to make as many contacts as possible, both professionally and personally, and often times you don’t want the two to mix. One of my colleagues just came back from a conference and showed me what I think might be one of the better ideas I have seen in a while for a conference and I thought I would share it and expand on it some. Carry a small business card case with you that you can keep 25 or 30 cards in for those times you really want to drop a business card so you might win that new Apple TV the vendors was giving out. When you want to trade information with a vendor or colleague though you should look at technology… Continue reading “How to take less business cards to a conference…and still make good contacts”

The contest starts tomorrow…VMworld Reality Show

This is a little longer post than normal with no pictures but bear with me and get to the end – it is important!

Tomorrow is the first of the three virtual classes for the VMworld Reality Show.  The first session is on Converged Storage.  I think it will be really interesting to see this class since as many of you know Storage has been an area I have worked in alot in the past, specifically around EMC and VDI solutions.

As you all are aware HP is one of the main sponsors for the VMworld Blogger Reality Show so you are probably wondering why when I have been pretty much EMC centric for a while why I would want to partake.  So here are my three top reasons to be in the reality show… Continue reading “The contest starts tomorrow…VMworld Reality Show”

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