What a ride 2011 has been…Time for the next contest

Throughout your career things seem to ebb and flow, with hills and valleys along the way.  For me 2011 so far has been a fast winding downhill road.  Normally people look at the downhill as the bad part and that you want to be at the top of the mountain, but since the beginning of the summer when I got the new Motorcycle I have learned to appreciate the long winding curves of a downhill road, knowing that the next challenge and uphill is around the turn waiting for me.  Sounds like a great epiphany right… So what brought this on? Continue reading “What a ride 2011 has been…Time for the next contest”

VMware is raising the bar

On July 12, 2011, VMware CEO Paul Maritz and CTO Steve Herrod will be presenting on the next generation of cloud infrastructure. The webcast titled “Raising the Bar, Part V” has made many believe this will just be a fancy way to introduce the next generation of hypervisor with the release of vSphere 5, however if rumors hold true there could be quite a few more releases also with three breakout deep dives you can only guess.

9:00-9:45 Paul and Steve present – live online streaming
10:00-12:00 three tracks of deep dive breakout sessions
10:00-12:00 live Q&A with VMware cloud and virtualization experts

The event is free — if you sign up today you’ll get an email reminder. If you can’t make the whole event make sure you follow @ConvergenceTech or @mletschin on twitter since we will be following along. A few of my fellow vExperts will also be onsite for the event and will be taking questions during and after the event with the #vmwarecloud hashtag.

On Wednesday, we’ll be recapping the event on ourVMware Community Roundtable — join some of the VMware staff, myself, many of the vExperts and others for an hour of live Q&A.

If you want to talk about it live you can also join a group of virtualization professionals for a networking gathering at the DC vBeers event.

VMware comes around to supporting multiple vCenters

VMware released a new fling today Boomerang.  Boomerang allows for simple management of multiple ESX or vCenter servers simultaneously.  A great resource when you don’t have linked vcenters or are a consulting or engineer working in a large shop.  You can not have all your vcenters in one place with them even collapsing to a hyperlink when they get too big.  This is still Windows only though so no luck for the Mac and Linux guys.  This sounds great but where’s the catch… You can only do basic power operations so far.  If you want to get to vMotion, High Availability, storage configuration, host provisioning cloning, templates, monitoring, or alerts you need to go to vCenter direct.  The good news though is you can use the remote console. Continue reading “VMware comes around to supporting multiple vCenters”

New Guy entering the ranks of vExpert

I was honored to wake up this morning with an email from John Troyer (@jtroyer) and the VMware Team.

Dear Michael Letschin,

 We’re pleased to designate you as a vExpert 2011 as recognition of your contributions to the VMware, virtualization, and cloud computing communities. You’ve done work above and beyond, and we’re delighted to communicate more closely, to share resources, and to offer other opportunities for greater interaction throughout the year as we continue to grow knowledge and success in the community of IT professionals. Welcome to the vExpert 2011 Program!

I have been working in IT for a long time and to this day it is still really weird to get any email or comment referring to me as an “expert.”  I am definitely honored and hope to continue to live up to the bar that has been set by previous vExperts.  Great to join the group and looking forward to what comes from it.

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