Make your own thin client in 30 minutes or less

When repurposing your desktops as a thin client – most users choose to keep a base windows image or replace it with a thin os to get you to your view desktop (ex. VDIBlaster). Both of these cost $, but a new free approach that is easy to do with the instructions below is to make your own thin client. The use of Meego, a very user friendly Linux distribution, combined with the VMware View open Client allows for a free(if you have old hardware) and fast do it yourself thin client. Just follow the instructions below.

1. Download Meego from

2. Install Meego to the hard drive of any system(it will work as a Virtual machine as well)

3. From the Home menu select Tools, then Terminal

4. Type “su” Password is “meego”

5. Type “sudo yum search firefox”

6. Type “sudo yum install firefox.i586” Substitute the proper package from the search. Select yes to download and install the package

7. From the Home Menu select Application Finder

8. Type Firefox into the search field and open the browser

9. In the browser go to

10. Save the rdesktop-1.6.0-7.meego.i586.rpm

11. In the browser go to

12. Save the VMware-view-open-client-4.5.0-271013.i386.rpm file 

13. Return to the terminal

14. Type “ls” to list the files in the location you saved them

15. Type “rpm –ivh rdesktop-1.6.0-7.meego.i586.rpm”

16. Type “rpm –ivh VMware-view-open-client-4.5.0-271013.i386.rpm”

17. Return to the Application Finder and type “vm” Open the VMware View Open Client

18. Enter the View Manager DNS Name

19. Enter a Username and Password

20. Select the View Pool to connect to

21. Wait for the machine to connect

22. Start using your virtual machine

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