VMware View 4.5 Features and Why you should care

VMware View has moved to a next generation of virtual desktops, announcing today the release of the 4.5 version of its flagship desktop platform.  With general availability in mid-September, View 4.5 will allow for full Windows 7 support and better integration between ThinApp and View.  The ability to have role based authentication is also key to this release along with support for vSphere 4.1.  Below is a breakdown of the major new features that have been released today and why you should care…

Enhanced User Experience

  • View Client with Local Mode – If you have a traveling workforce this allows you to check out a machine from the view infrastructure and work without network connectivity.  The checked out virtual machine is fully encrypted and still inherits its policies from the View infrastructure. Active Directory Group Policy is also used to secure these roaming virtual machines.
  • Full Windows 7 support – Rather self-explanatory but Windows 7 is fully supported by View 4.5. With XP going end of life soon, the migration to Windows 7 as a virtual machine using existing hardware is now fully possible and supported.
  • View Client for Mac OS X – Most Mac users would rather not be caught with a Microsoft product on their machines; however in the enterprise this is not always possible.  Now Mac users can access the corporate environment and use Windows resources natively.

Simplified and Integrated Management

  • Integrated Application Assignment – No more need to script application deployment, application installs through Active Directory or use custom location based scripting for some machines.  Now applications can be published to a specific pool through the View interface.
  • Rich Graphical Dashboards – Pictures always make things easier to understand!
  • Role Based Administration – Let the help desk staff manage the PCs while making sure the storage and server admins can monitor the space and resources on your VM cluster.
  • Integration with Microsoft SCOM and PowerShell – Integration with your existing monitoring and management and the ability to use powershell scripting with your systems.  The first step to fully automated deployments.

Best Desktop Infrastructure Platform

  • Support for vSphere 4.1 and vCenter 4.1 – You wanted to upgrade your server infrastructure, now your desktops are not holding you back.
  • Increased scalability – Build machines to your heart’s content.  Up to 10,000 desktops per pod with the reference architectures.
  • Optimized Anti-virus Protection – This takes the load off the desktops and allows for better consolidation numbers.  Use one of the new VMSafe antivirus packages to protect your endpoints.

Lowest Acquisition Cost and Total Cost of Ownership

  • Tiered storage support in View 4.5 – Now you can store your OS disk on the high performance disk, but the users MP3 collection can go on cheap SATA disk.
  • Lowest Cost Reference Architectures – These are a how-to guide for all the major software/hardware vendors.

If you have any questions about migration or deploying VMware View 4.5, fill out the contact us form at the top of the webpage or call (866) 892-3154 and we’ll be happy to assist.

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